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Welcome to the website of the Family Self Sufficiency Program at Dover Housing Authority. If you are a member of the F.S.S. program think of this site as a virtual time share and yourself as a share holder. Take your key (see above) let yourself in, and make yourself at home. This is a place where you are free to dream about all of the possibilities that life holds and leave whatever holds you back at the door.

As you move toward your target life there will be choices to make and work to be done. Prepare for bumps in the road and expect days when nothing seems to go right. On those days when the ride gets bumpy, remember you can do it and you don't have to do it alone !

If you're feeling overwhelmed, exhausted or you're just having a hard time finding motivation to do what needs to be done, come here and look for support. You might find something here that will help you see things in a better light or a resource that will help you solve a problem. You have strengths and you have skills. I am sure of this, because we all have them. You may not have discovered yours yet, but if you give up you never will. Remind yourself that no matter what has happened before today, everyday we get a chance to start over again.

                   YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE HAPPY! 

If you are not a member of the program, feel free to take a look around. You can learn more about the Family Self Sufficiency Program on the "About FSS" page. If you are interested in joining, there is a contact form on the last page of the site. Fill it out and submit it and someone will get back to you. We currently only have 2 slots available and after those are filled we will go to a wait list. 

Navigating the Website:

Some of the pages cannot be seen on the menu bar. To see additional pages, hover your cursor over the "More" tab.

If there is something that you would like to see added or a topic that you are interested in, please let me know

Pay it Forward...........

Remember! Everyone here has the same goal. By giving support, you make it available for yourself when you need it. Wanting a better life might be the only thing you have in common with someone else here but when you join in supporting a shared goal, it gives it energy and everyone wins

DREAM... Imagine a place where you can relax or picture an image in your mind of a place where you always feel good.

Maybe your perfect spot is a beach where no one else is around and the only sound is the sound of the waves gently breaking on the beach. Or maybe your at your best when you are surrounded by the greenery of a forest.

Whatever your favorite is, try to think about this special place with as much detail as you can when your having a rough time. It won't take all of your problems away, but it might calm you down just enough to get over the hump

Or maybe you would just like to find a cozy little nook that you can claim as your space, and take a nap.

What works for you might be different than what works for someone else, but we all need to recharge, and renew. Sometimes we don't take the time to put ourselves in the right frame of mind before we tackle something difficult. and we end up frustrated without even realizing how much of a difference a good nights sleep or a quick little break to stop and recharge would have made. Try some of the things that are known to help reduce stress like a visit to Harvard's online relaxation room by using the link on the Resource Page.